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  • SUMMARY OF T IME (as contact hours) NEEDED

    • Lecture hours                 30 hr
    • Practicals                        30 hr


    • Assignments/practicals    30%
    • Course tests                      20%
    • Final exam                         50%
  • Clinical nutrition 1
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  • Clinical nutrition 2

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  • Provides an introduction to human n
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  • Each stage of the lifecycle has nutritional concerns specific to the physiological issues of that stage. In this course we shall cover an individual's needs for nutrients and energy change over the life span.

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  • Genomes are composed of DNA, and a knowledge of the structure of DNA is essential to understand how it can function as hereditary material. DNA is remarkable, breathtakingly simple in its structure yet capable of directing all the living processes in a cell, the production of new cells and the development of a fertilized egg to an individual adult. DNA has three key properties: it is relatively stable; its structure suggests an obvious way in which the molecule can be duplicated, or replicated; and it carries a store of vital information that is used in the cell to produce proteins. The first two properties of DNA are analysed in this unit.
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